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A Healthy Divorce: Helping Your Kids Through It

Let’s face it; divorce is a sensitive subject in most families no matter how prepared you think you are. There are, luckily, ways to ensure that your children are handling a healthy divorce in ways that don’t promote more storms as you go through it.

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Taking Care Of Your Kids Full Time: What You Should Know

Taking care of your kids full time usually means you’ve decided to leave work to take care of your kids, and also that you’re not with the other parent anymore and the kids are staying with you. Taking care of the kids full time can be tough, especially on your own – which is why many single parents do decide to stop working. Below, you’ll find some advice that can help you when taking care of your kids full time.

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The High Road – Can It Be Taken During Familial Chaos?

But can the high road be taken? While it’s naive to think that in these circumstances everyone will act in the most professional and clinical manner possible, is it possible to adjust your own actions to ensure that you only carry self-respect, and prevent the contained issue from causing the chaos that’s always potentially on the horizon? We’d say yes.

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Why Selfishness Is the Key to Being a Better Parent

We often hear two different opinions when it comes to parenting; you either put your kids first or you put yourself first, there’s no in-between. Most people tend to agree with this. After all, raising kids is a handful and there are plenty of people out there that think having a child is pretty much the end of your life until they grow old enough to fend for themselves in the world.

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Fun Family Activities To Try This Week

Spending time with family is something we all look forward to at the end of the week and it is often the best time of the week to bond and relax amongst people we love and care about. If you are at a loss on what to do and how to spend your time together as a family this week, here are some fun ideas to try.

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What No-One Tells You About Life As A Single Parent

No one goes into having children thinking of raising them alone. The pinnacle of your family life, if you ever thought about having kids before meeting your significant other, it was probably some fragrance ad dream featuring two gorgeous looking, well-rested parents swinging a cherub-cheeked toddler between them as they stroll down a beautiful beach.

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Jobs to Work Around Your Kids

There are actually lots of opportunities to earn a living at the same time as raising your kids, but so many you read about are often targeted towards women and moms. However, the options are there for men out there too.

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Adjusting To Life As A Single Father

There can be a range of reasons as to why your life changes. And it will change often. But one of the hurdles that you may be faced with as a male and a father, in particular, is that you could become a lone parent. Maybe you’ve been through a horrific time and you’re dealing with grief. Or maybe your relationship just couldn’t work out and you’re not a divorced father with full custody. Either way, you may find that you need to adjust to life as a newly single father.

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Oh, Papi – Single Daddy Dating Tips

Going through a divorce or separation makes it seem as if you never want to date again. Fool me once, shame on me but fool me twice. Well, we all know how that proverb ends. Plus, you have custody of the children and it’s your job to keep them safe and warm and happy and well fed. Their needs come first.

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Handling It With “Dad Gloves” – Protecting Your Children (Without Going Overboard!)

We try our best to do well by our kids, and, when it comes to being a caring, attentive father, we can be bound by various pressures. It’s very difficult when you see the epitome of the “perfect” dad out in the street, or on television, and you try to emulate this, you can make a rod for our own back. If we were to be the perfect father, we’d have to get up early, way before the sun comes up, and perfect that strong image so we can protect our kids from all of the dangers in life.