7 Ideas to Make Your Divorce Very Smooth for Your Kids
7 Father Secrets Before Attempting Custody
Being Mr. Mom Increases a Father’s Possibility for Custody
5 Tips You Must Follow, Newly Divorced Parent
Remember Grandparents in Child Custody Equation

Interviewing Attorneys, 10 MORE Questions to Ask

As we started in the post, Six Tips for Hiring a Child Custody Attorney, you have Listen for Good Attorneys in Court, you have asked for Recommended Attorneys from Divorce Groups, and you have prepared 10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Attorney. It is time to go, vet, interview and meet potential lawyers. This process […]

Do I Need an Attorney for My Child Custody Case?
10 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Attorney
Six Tips for Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

Suicide Bombers Have Nothing on Stepmoms

During World War II, the Empire of Japan organized “kamikaze” suicide attacks against the Allies. Special forces were trained to pay and give the highest sacrifice in an effort to advance the mother empire in the growing war. I often wonder if young Japanese pilots ever stopped to assess the role they would ultimately play. […]

No Longer Love, Now It’s Business
Marriage Over; Family is Not
Unmarried Fathers Face Uphill Battle for Custody

A Father’s Quest to Find His Kidnapped Daughter

One Halloween about six years ago, my Ex moved to Austin and stopped visiting our daughter for a month. I decided to take the high road and bring Caitlyn down for a visit. We flew down to Austin, rented a car, and drove to the supposed apartment where my Ex claimed she lived. She of […]

Family iPhone Contract with My Teen

Call me the overbearing custodial father, but this is the original contract I had with my then 13 YO teenager Caitlyn. Give me your thoughts and feel free to copy. The Campos Family iPhone Contract with Caitlyn Campos This is a parental contract between The Campos Family, hereby referred to as “Daddy”, and our lovely […]

Teen Career Talk: Undecided Major is NOT an Option
Teen GPA Talk: Good Grades Give You MORE Options
Teen Social Media Talk: Clean Broadcasting is a LONG Term O...
Teen Sex Talk: Purity Offers the Best FUTURE Option

How Well Do You Know Your Children?

Wendy Thomas, daughter of Dave Thomas, a workaholic and founder of Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers, once said she wasn’t sure if her dad knew where she attended high school. This isn’t an indictment against Mr. Thomas’s parenting skills, although one has to believe his wife took the lion’s share of the child-rearing tasks while he oversaw […]

5 Fathering Tips for Connecting with Your Kids
Divorce Stress, Friend Lift Required
Divorce Stress, Consider a Health Change for the Better
Mocha Dad’s Fatherhood Roundtable Discussion Session I...

Divorce is Not the End of the World, Book Review

There are good books written to and for parents advising them on court proceedings and how-to regarding child custody in a divorce. There are also a few books written to parents focusing on issues kids face during the process. However few books are written by kids to kids experience their parents’ divorce. “Divorce is Not […]

Extreme Custodial Parenting Accommodations, Would You Do Thi...

In a previous post, “A Father’s Quest to Find His Kidnapped Daughter,” I shared a tiny about the struggle some custodial parents both male and female deal with regarding exchanges. Being the custodial parent, requires you to put your personal feelings aside and take the high road in situations you would not normally agree too. […]

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