The Importance Of A Child Custody Evaluation
Showtime Begins & Ends in Court from Your Car
Your Kids Need Their Own Room at Your Place
Buy or Clean a Coat, Tie & Suit Prior to Court
Get a PTA or Volunteer Job at Your Kids’ School

Interviewing Attorneys, 10 MORE Questions to Ask

As we started in the post, Six Tips for Hiring a Child Custody Attorney, you have Listen for Good Attorneys in Court, you have asked for Recommended Attorneys from Divorce Groups, and you have prepared 10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Attorney. It is time to go, vet, interview and meet potential lawyers. This process […]

Do I Need an Attorney for My Child Custody Case?
10 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Attorney
Six Tips for Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

Accepting a New Step-Parent

Step-parents or “bonus parents” in my experience are a real blessing. As both a child of remarried parents and a parent who is married with blended kids, I think I can appreciate this concept from many different angles. My parents re-married well. I was blessed to have both a step-mom and two step-dads that cared […]

Considering Divorce? Really Evaluate Your Marriage
Can You Save Your Marriage from Divorce?

The Story of Gus’ Parental Alienation

You probably know Jason Patric for his movie roles in such films as The Lost Boys, Sleepers, or The Alamo. But he’s currently dealing with a situation that he, like a growing number of American parents, never thought he’d face. He is an alienated parent. While his personal situation differs from most alienated parents, his […]

What Does a Judge Look for in a Child Custody Case?

If you are seeking custody of your kids, it’s critical to know everyone’s role, and what’s expected from you. You know that your lawyer is looking out for you; and your Ex’s lawyer isn’t. But what does a judge look for in a child custody cases? While all sides will tell you they are looking […]

What is Joint Custody? Reality or Misnomer?
What is Domicile Restriction?
What’s in the Best Interest of a Child?
The True Worth of Your Child’s Name… In Court

Divorce Stress, Friend Lift Required

OSHA, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, is a government regulatory under the U.S. Department of Labor who sets, educates and enforces safety and health standards for men and women in workplace environments. As an example, OSHA might require businesses to post warning signs and labels on heavy boxes reminding employees, “Caution: Two Person Lift Required.” […]

Divorce Stress, Consider a Health Change for the Better
Mocha Dad’s Fatherhood Roundtable Discussion Session I...
Mocha Dad’s Fatherhood Roundtable Discussion Session I...
Mocha Dad’s Fatherhood Roundtable Discussion Session I...

Divorce is Not the End of the World, Book Review

There are good books written to and for parents advising them on court proceedings and how-to regarding child custody in a divorce. There are also a few books written to parents focusing on issues kids face during the process. However few books are written by kids to kids experience their parents’ divorce. “Divorce is Not […]

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