Stay in the Same School District & Live as Close to Your Ex as Possible
Delay Divorce Until Kids are Grown
How to Gain Custody After the Divorce
Family Photos are Priceless in Custody
Sabotaging Your Custody Case
7 Ideas to Make Your Divorce Very Smooth for Your Kids
7 Father Secrets Before Attempting Custody

7 Post Recap: How to Hire a Custody Attorney

You’ve been served papers. The divorce is serious. Should I hire an attorney? Where do I look to find the right attorney for me? How do I hire an attorney? What questions should I be asking a potential lawyer. Fred Campos, @FullCustodyDad recaps several posts to answer your hiring attorney questions.

How to Find the Best Custody Attorney
Factual Secrets Your Attorney Needs to Know
Interviewing Attorneys, 10 MORE Questions to Ask
Do I Need an Attorney for My Child Custody Case?

How to Tell Your Kids You are Getting Remarried? Part 2

You have called your children together for a major announcement. You’ve removed all the distractions; you have their attention. They know you’ve been dating this woman for a while, and you like her. Of course, you’ve dated others who have come in and out of your life, never to see them again. But hey, it was fun. However, this one is different.

How to Tell Your Kids You are Getting Remarried? Part 1
Suicide Bombers Have Nothing on Stepmoms
No Longer Love, Now It’s Business
Marriage Over; Family is Not

Lawyers are Gone Time to Rebuild Trust Part 2

With emotions running high before, during and after a break-up, ill feelings are often harbored, maybe for years. All of that makes it easy to overreact (and justify same). However, always remember that communication with this person is necessary for the duration of Sally’s formative years, maybe longer.

Divorced Parents Kids Want You to Know…

Let’s hear from the kids. Too often we talk about each other, and what we think kids of divorced parents should want, and what we think they want. But today, we’re turning the blog over to them. Much of this is common sense, others are surprising. The important thing is that they are talking, and we are listening.

Family Phone Contract with My Teen
Teen Career Talk: Undecided Major is NOT an Option
Teen GPA Talk: Good Grades Give You MORE Options
Teen Social Media Talk: Clean Broadcasting is a LONG Term O...
Teen Sex Talk: Purity Offers the Best FUTURE Option

Positive Kid Reasons of Divorce

When you go through divorce, much is made of the negative effects on the children. Sometimes, it makes the divorcing parents feel even worse, and maybe even depressed. While it is without question one of the hardest aspects on children, there can be some positive kid reasons of divorce.

Beyond Divorce to Co-Parenting
How Well Do You Know Your Children?
5 Fathering Tips for Connecting with Your Kids
Divorce Stress, Friend Lift Required
Divorce Stress, Consider a Health Change for the Better

Divorce is Not the End of the World, Book Review

There are good books written to and for parents advising them on court proceedings and how-to regarding child custody in a divorce. There are also a few books written to parents focusing on issues kids face during the process. However few books are written by kids to kids experience their parents’ divorce. “Divorce is Not […]

Beginning Divorce: Awkward and Hard

He unexpectedly showed up at a recent dinner party the couple had been planning long before the split. As expected, the evening was awkward (yes, I was there). For most of the night, the wife stayed in one room of their spacious house, he in another. The guests made it easier for them as we broke half one way and half the other.

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