7 Ideas to Make Your Divorce Very Smooth for Your Kids
7 Father Secrets Before Attempting Custody
Being Mr. Mom Increases a Father’s Possibility for Custody
5 Tips You Must Follow, Newly Divorced Parent
Remember Grandparents in Child Custody Equation

Factual Secrets Your Attorney Needs to Know

n our lives, we will tell certain professionals information that we wouldn’t tell our spouses. We sometimes trust doctors enough to share factual secrets about our lives that we wouldn’t want anyone else to know. It’s necessary facts they need to know for the relationship to work. That’s understandable. Parents going through a divorce rarely […]

Interviewing Attorneys, 10 MORE Questions to Ask
Do I Need an Attorney for My Child Custody Case?
10 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Attorney

How to Tell Your Kids You are Getting Remarried? Part 2

You have called your children together for a major announcement. You’ve removed all the distractions; you have their attention. They know you’ve been dating this woman for a while, and you like her. Of course, you’ve dated others who have come in and out of your life, never to see them again. But hey, it was fun. However, this one is different.

How to Tell Your Kids You are Getting Remarried? Part 1
Suicide Bombers Have Nothing on Stepmoms
No Longer Love, Now It’s Business

Are You the Problem When Johnny Doesn’t Want to Visit?

he time has come for the “weekend visit.” Ever since the divorce, your child has visited the non-custodial parent, mostly without incident. However, this time is different. The child balks, drags his feet, and complains. While that might not be unusual, this time, his reaction is more determined. It’s not just the usual not wanting […]

Family iPhone Contract with My Teen

Call me the overbearing custodial father, but this is the original contract I had with my then 13 YO teenager Caitlyn. Give me your thoughts and feel free to copy. The Campos Family iPhone Contract with Caitlyn Campos This is a parental contract between The Campos Family, hereby referred to as “Daddy”, and our lovely […]

Teen Career Talk: Undecided Major is NOT an Option
Teen GPA Talk: Good Grades Give You MORE Options
Teen Social Media Talk: Clean Broadcasting is a LONG Term O...
Teen Sex Talk: Purity Offers the Best FUTURE Option

Beyond Divorce to Co-Parenting

Few new situations work from the start; that new job, a move, even the joy of buying a longed-for car can temporarily “throw us off our game.” For a while. But we eventually work out the rough spots, develop a routine, and ultimately get comfortable in our new surroundings. It’s the same with co-parenting. Through […]

How Well Do You Know Your Children?
5 Fathering Tips for Connecting with Your Kids
Divorce Stress, Friend Lift Required
Divorce Stress, Consider a Health Change for the Better

Divorce is Not the End of the World, Book Review

There are good books written to and for parents advising them on court proceedings and how-to regarding child custody in a divorce. There are also a few books written to parents focusing on issues kids face during the process. However few books are written by kids to kids experience their parents’ divorce. “Divorce is Not […]

Extreme Custodial Parenting Accommodations, Would You Do Thi...

In a previous post, “A Father’s Quest to Find His Kidnapped Daughter,” I shared a tiny about the struggle some custodial parents both male and female deal with regarding exchanges. Being the custodial parent, requires you to put your personal feelings aside and take the high road in situations you would not normally agree too. […]

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